Monday, September 26, 2011

Independence (part 2)

San Miguel's economic decline, along with decline in agriculture and population continued throughout the Mexican War of Independence and the 1800s. Unstable government hurt the country as a whole. Some recovery economic occurred near the end of the 1800s during which time aqueducts, dams and railroads were built. Due to the introduction of fruit orchards agriculture also made a comeback. However, the decline returned. What with the end of mining in almost all of Guanajuato, especially during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917,) San Miguel nearly became a ghost town. Still San Miguel was known as both a quiet, beautiful place to live and an attraction for the wealthy with its natural hot springs.

In 1926 the government, designated the town a "Historic and Protected Town". It was declared a national monument establishing guidelines and restrictions aimed at keeping its colonial appearance (no neon signs or modern construction in the Center.) San Miguel Allende Tourist Guide

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