Monday, October 10, 2011

The Historic Center

Even as the municipality and the outlying areas of the town have over time changed, the historic center has stayed largely as it was 250 years ago. Since the 1920s, measures have been taken to preserve the center's charm. These include restrictions on construction, signage and also the color of paint which can be used on exteriors, only four are allowed.

The historic center is known for its narrow cobblestone lanes, falling and rising over the hill that it crowns. These scenic roads are lined with narrow sidewalks and high walls enclosing colonial era homes with marvelous courtyards. Flowering vines cascade down the imposing walls, which are often topped with potted plants and/or broken glass. Occasionally there is an iron-grated window framed by hewn wood. Many larger structures have large front doors, gates which were used by horses and carriages. Front yards are rare. Private outdoor space is behind the main facade in courtyards. These courtyards are usually gardens, protected from dust, prying eyes and crime
San Miguel Allende Visitor Guide

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